You’ve probably heard about ConversionFly, the new marketing funnel tracking software created by Todd Brown. In this article, you will read an in-depth, honest review from an actual user so you can decide it’s right for you.

The Story of How ConversionFly Began

About 18 months ago, Todd Brown had this vision that many of you are probably familiar with that you may have heard him share before, for an unbelievable funnel tracking, reporting, and optimization application.

Todd had tried every single application available under the Sun. He even offered to buy certain applications from the developers to make it do what it is that that he needed. and yet he couldn’t find anything.

Either the interface was too confusing to use, it required multiple pixels or multiple links or they just didn’t track the numbers the way it needed to be tracked. In other words, no one single platform was actually capable of tracking every single page, traffic source, conversion rate and all of the key direct response metrics that you need as a marketer in order to run marketing automation the right way.

The Vision of The Ultimate Tracking & Reporting App

When Todd had this vision for this application, it was really for selfish purposes because he knew that everything that we do is driven by tracking numbers. But without the right numbers or tracking in place you can’t function properly in this business, right?

Todd jumped headfirst into creating a SAAS application. Out of the gate, what he decided to do was create an early BETA version. He made this decision very early on that he wanted to take that early iteration and put it in the hands of marketers and let THEM dictate to him the functionality, the usage, the user interface and everything in between.

Todd didn’t want to have a huge EGO and say “hey I’m gonna build the perfect app all by myself.” Instead,  he said, “I’m gonna drive the perfect app along with 300 of the savviest marketers on the planet.” And that’s how ConversionFly got started.

The Challenges of Creating Great Software

He paid thousands of dollars and went through many developers and eventually decided that he wanted to take the early iteration and put it into the hands of savvy marketers, even though it wasn’t 100% perfect yet. However, he didn’t want to just open this up to some lame beta testers and let in anybody would jump in and play around with it. So instead, he offered very low pricing to let in only the serious folks who were actually going to use it.

When all was said and done, he had an army of active beta testers going through the software, putting it to the test in their business, and giving his team feedback on a daily and weekly basis by asking questions about different platforms, features and functionality. And he listened to ALL of the feedback.

His team worked daily to implement as many of the core elements as needed still keeping his vision of having the most comprehensive, easy to use, beautiful tracking, reporting and optimizing metrics.

Did He Just Do All of This Work Just For The Money?

Nope. At one point, he invested around $30,000 into the creation of ConversionFly and said, “Look it’s not ready, it’s not perfect, it’s not beautiful, and it’s definitely not dialed in to where it needs to be yet.” At this point he made a very crucial decision and chose to not roll it out yet because it wasn’t perfect.

So his entire development team and entire leadership team at MyFlyApps went back and got it done right. So when you use ConversionFly, you’re going to see the the fruit of his team effort when you setup your conversion and funnel tracking and get accurate numbers. Since Todd is a huge numbers guy, and knows and cares more about funnels and marketing that 99% of people online, to him, to be able to put a tool this powerful and easy to use as this this was his motivation, not just money.

It’s All About The Numbers Baby!

Direct response marketing is all about psychology communication and numbers and when you don’t have the numbers that you need, you can’t make the decisions that you need to make to grow your business. The beauty of direct response marketing is that it is scientific, because it’s based on metrics. But it’s not scientific for the marketers that don’t have the right metrics, reporting, tracking. Or even worse, their tracking is complex, cumbersome, and requires multiple pixels and there’s tons of room for error.

Todd’s mission was to create a solution that would give marketer’s like us the numbers that we need to make profitable decisions. Direct response marketing is not about opinion. it’s not about my personal beliefs or opinions, it’s about objective data. This is what tells us what to do, when to do it, where to do it and how to do it.

Simply put, the easier you can setup tracking and measuring or your funnel and the more accurate the numbers are, the more profitable marketing decisions you can make. And this is exactly what ConversionFly helps marketers do.

What Is ConversionFly?

ConversionFly dashboard

ConversionFly is the most complete marketing funnel tracking, reporting, and optimization tool ever created.

This software can tracks every stage of your marketing funnel. You can track all of your campaigns, including the traffic source, your ads, links, and see what every visitor does on your site leading up to the sale.

Another amazing feature is real-time reporting which allows you to view all the most important metrics that will help you optimize your funnel and scale your marketing.


The Top Features Of ConversionFly

Tracks Users Across All Platforms
Mobile traffic is skyrocketing. Any funnel tracking software worth buying must be able to track users from Mobile to Desktop and back again. If the tool doesn’t do this, the metrics and reporting will be very inaccurate and make it difficult to understand what to optimize. ConversionFly tracks on tablet, desktop, mobile flawlessly.

Split Test By Individual Traffic Sources
What would happen to your revenue if you could split-test each peice of your sales funnel depending on the traffic source. Well, now you can systematically optimize your funnel for every single traffic source like Facebook ads, Google, Bing, Social media, and more.

Automatically Calculates How Long It Will Take You To Breakeven
Ever sit with your mouse icon over the pause icon on your ads because you aren’t 100% sure when you are going to get a return on your adspend? With ConversionFly’s built-in Breakeven Speed Analysis, you know with total certainty how long it will take to make back 100% of your adspend and start making a profit no matter the source of traffic, ads, or funnel strategy.

Tracks Your Lifetime Customer Value
Knowing how much every customer in your business is worth over their entire lifetime is GOLD. You’ll also see which traffic sources, ads, and campaigns generate the best, highest value customers into your business.

Measure Your Organic Traffic ROI
Track organic traffic to your site, blog articles, and even videos. Even if you don’t setup a tracking link, ConversionFly will still show you the monetary value of each visitor across all of your funnels.

Multi-Visit Revenue Reporting
Sometimes people visit your funnel, then leave without buying. Now, you can see how much additional revenue each of your funnels generates from other funnels and offers.

What You Get When You Purchase ConversionFly


Since the software just launched, you can get special pricing that Todd guarantees will NEVER increase and lifetime updates at no extra charge.

Next, when you get your ConversionFly account during the launch, you’ll also get 3 special bonuses.

These bonuses will give you everything you need to set-up, test, optimize and scale your market funnel.


Bonus #1: Next Level Marketing Funnel Maps Bundle

  • Learn how to setup the 17 most effective marketing funnel models being used online today.
  • Accompanying training video and print outs of 17 funnel maps
  • Normally $197. During the launch it’s yours free.

Bonus #2: “How To Craft The Perfect Marketing Funnel Message Every Time!”

  • 2 1/2 Hour Video Training detailing the exact process Todd uses inside his agency to create high-conversion marketing funnels for clients paying upwards of $50,000
  • You’ll learn his entire method for creating a powerful marketing funnel message that turns your prospects desire into demand for your product.
  • (If there was any training that reveals his secret sauce for creating funnel messages… this is it!)

Bonus #3: “How To Double Your Traffic Every Month For The Next 4 Months… Starting With Any Budget!”

  • Recording of private presentation given by traffic expert, Curt Maly, founder of Blackbox Social Media, to Todd’s clients at MFA Live.
  • With this training you’ll know exactly how to use paid traffic the right way to pump more and more prospects through your funnel.
  • Right now, this presentation is only available as part of a bundle that regularly sells for $497.00.

Bonus #4: “Understanding Your Marketing Metrics”

  • This bonus will ensure you understand what the metrics in your ConversionFly account are telling you about your marketing so you can make the right decisions to improve your funnel.

Bonus #5: Free Ticket to Conversion Hacking Live Event!

  • All-day in-person workshop in West Palm Beach, Florida, with me and my entire team at
  • During this workshop you’ll learn the top 31 conversion hacks Todd used over the last 8 months at MarketingFunnelAutomation, to boost optin rates, sales conversion rates, order form completion rates, upsell take rates, email open rates, and more.
  • Just one or two of these put in place in your marketing can be worth thousands of dollars to you like they’ve been for us.
  • Tickets to the Conversion Hacking Live Workshop will be somewhere around $300.00.
  • If you’re one of the first 250 people to register today you get a ticket for FREE!

Things I Like

  1. It’s by Todd Brown. Look, I’m not a huge Todd Brown fanboy, but I have to admit he puts of very high quality training and products. That alone is enough for me to give ConversionFly my vote, because I know he wouldn’t risk the reputation he worked so hard to build on a piece of junk that doesn’t work that way it was promised.
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can purchase with confidence knowing you will get your money back if you feel like the software isn’t a good fit for your business. And just for trying it, you get to keep all of high extra bonuses.

Things I Don’t Like

  1. Annual Pricing. The cost of ConversionFly is $399 for an annual license. This price will likely go up after the initial launch is over. Although on a monthly basis, $399 over 12 months comes out to only $33.25 per month, forking over $400 bucks is more than most tools. Then again, this is leaps and bounds ahead of most tools, so it’s worth it… for the serious marketer. For someone just getting started, you’re better of with something like Improvely or even Google Analytics.
  2. Cloud Hosting. Personally, when it comes to critical things like metrics, reporting, my email list, etc, I prefer to have control of it. I understand this makes it more complicated for the developer, because they have to worry about pirating and updates on multiple server configurations, but this is a personal preference. Because of how powerful the software is, I don’t mind that much having my data securely hosted in the cloud, I would simply prefer to have complete and total control over it.

Final Conclusion – Is ConversionFly Worth It?

It’s higher priced than most software out there, that’s for sure. It won’t automatically optimize your funnel for you, but it will give you all the numbers you need to make those decisions on your own. I can honestly say that for the serious marketer, ConversionFly is a total no-brainer investment. You will be able to track every step and source of your marketing efforts online across all devices and know exactly what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs to be improved. If you drive traffic to your optin page to build your list, you absolutely need this tool.